This project is the heart of The Grund Club Songwriters. Every year The Grund Club Songwriters performs 4 songwriter shows called The Grund Club Songwriters live shows, in which we induct one new official club songwriter per show. We induct 4 new songwriters per year. There are currently 21 official songwriters in The Grund Club.

Upon induction, each of these artists brings between 2 and 4 original songs into The Grund Club Song Catalogue. And after the induction show, each official songwriter can submit new songs to the club via The Grund Club Open Mic events. Once official club songwriters, they also become eligible to be invited back to The Grund Club Songwriters Shows as a returning guest and are eligible to represent the club in The Grund Club Sampler Shows.

The songs follow a different path. Each song that comes into The Grund Club Song Catalogue is first presented at The Grund Club Open Mic Sessions. They must be songs written and performed by a single songwriter. Co-written songs can be accepted but only if all writing partners are official club songwriters. The song goes into a working folder that is accessible to our singers, songwriters and to The Grund Club Band. When we create the Set List for the next Songwriters Show, we always go back to the working folder and “fish out” a couple of songs to induct.

If we induct a song with the full band it is re-arranged for the club. The rhythm might change, as well as the tempo, key and the structure of the song. However, some of the new songs are also presented at the show as an acoustic solo songs, not necessarily performed by the original songwriter.

Each of the Songwriters Shows is video and multi-track recorded, allowing us to post-mix the shows. Each show set list contains 18 songs, so at the end of each year we have 72 performances of songs from The Grund Club Song Catalogue to chose for our yearly Album. This CD contains 12 of the best performances. Every CD song is sang by someone other than the original songwriter and we try to feature as many songwriters and as many voices as possible.

The project of collecting and archiving songs in The Grund Club Songwriters should be understood as a long-term project. By the time The Grund Club Songwriters celebrates its 10 year anniversary, the club should have 50 official songwriters, over 180 songs and around 100 songs recorded and released to the professional standard. During the same time, some 50 additional singers will have performed many of those songs too, in The Grund Club Voices Shows, The Grund Club Sampler Shows and other events. All of this activity generates copyright revenue for the original songwriters, paying shows for the musicians and a great experience in interpretation and stage presence for our singers. Over time, some songs will drop to the bottom of the catalogue, and some songs will become club and Luxembourg Classics, naturally.


“The grund club open mic” is a monthly event that happens 10 times per year (december and august are excluded).

The open mic is for anybody who would like to participate, subject to registration. People can register with the communications officer to participate. There is enough time in each session for between 6 an 10 participants. Once the set list is full, those who register too late can register for the following month.

The open mic is divided in 2 parts. We start with the band session where people can sing with The Grund Club Band and we continue with the acoustic session.

Participants can perform up to 2 or 3 songs, which can be cover songs or original songs. Participants can perform as solo acts or as duos, but not as trios or bigger groups.

Two members of the songwriter core are required to be present at each open mic event. Their role is to represent the club.

Cancellations: Any artist who registers for the open mic must attend the event. If he / she cannot attend, they must skip one month before coming back. So if an artist registers for September but does not attend, they can only return in November, not in October.


The core songwriters are a group of 8 The Grund Club Songwriters who know the club well and carry out some duties that other songwriters are not in a position to carry. They have hosting duties; "wing-man" duties; providing accompaniment to the new songwriter inductee in a duo format; they return to The Grund Club Songwriters Shows to present new arrangements of catalogue songs; and most of them are also involved much more than others with the production of The Grund Club Songwriters Show.

Every year, 2 core songwriters are replaced. We do this in order to renew the team. Each songwriter can stay in the core group for up to 4 years, but must eventually give way and remain outside of the core group for a period of no less than 1 year and at least as long as half of the time they spent in the core group. So, if a songwriter stayed in the core for 4 years, they must wait 2 years (8 shows) before they are technically eligible to be invited back to the core.

2017 is the first year that we have a songwriter core. The 2017 songwriter core includes: Kevin Heinen, Sven Sauber, Irina Holzinger, Kid Colling, Lata Gouveia, Peter Varkonyi, Priscila da Costa and Laetitia Koener.


The Grund Club Voices Show is a showcase for our singers. We often feature 2 or 3 singers, performing a mix of songs from The Grund Club Song Catalogue and other classic “non-hit songs”. The singers are backed up by the The Grund Club Voices Band, a jazz trio directed by Sven Sauber. These shows are perfect for high-profile corporate or private occasions as the band keeps the dynamics at background level, raising the intensity only towards the last portion of the show.

The Grund Club Voices Shows provide a professional platform for upcoming and confirmed singers, opening the door for them to be eligible for The Grund Club Songwriters Shows, which opens the door to them being featured on The Grund Club yearly CD.


The Grund Club Sampler formations consist of a backing rhythm section (drums and bass) and a selection of 3 club songwriters that take turns and back each other up to perform full band versions of songs from The Grund Club Song Catalogue, including playing rhythm guitar, singing each other's songs and singing harmonies. Club singers do not participate in The Grund Club Sampler formations. We do not book residencies for these shows. The Grund Club Sampler Shows are available for booking exclusively by private and public promoters and are "custom produced" for each occasion.


The Grund Club Private Sessions are the singer-songwriter holy grail. It’s what every singer-songwriter should aspire to do well. And those private sessions open the door to our international booking program. Most of the performers in these Private Sessions come from the USA and are selected carefully, because The Grund Club Private Sessions also serve as an informal Master class for our local songwriters.

These shows are very intimate shows, for small audiences of 25 to 30 people. They are completely acoustic, which means the artists perform without using electricity, no amplifiers and no microphones.  These shows require very particular acoustic conditions and can only take place in a location that satisfies our criteria (in terms of size, acoustics, parking, catering, etc).

The flagship of The Grund Club Private Sessions is the Vins Fins wine bar, in the heart of the Grund neighborhood, Luxembourg City. These are the only Private Sessions which are publicly advertised. All other Private sessions are not advertised and no publicity is allowed on social media. Each venue has its own network of acoustic live music lovers and communicates with them privately. This gives us the leverage to bring an artist from the USA and offer him several shows whilst publicly advertising only one show.

departments & officers

President: Solveig HARPER
Vice-President: Anthony BRAESCH
Treasurer: Rui DA COSTA
Secretary: Andrew HAYWARD

Member: Ulrich SORGER

Administration & Bookings: Lata GOUVEIA
Communications Officer: Jessica LOBO

Graphic Design & Image: Gianmarco LIACY
Webmaster: Marco BORKOWITZ
Photography: Lugdivine UNFER
Video production: Andrew HAYWARD

Artists & Recruitment: Lata GOUVEIA
The Songwriters Band (musical director) : Tom HECK
The Voices Band (musical director): Sven SAUBER

Open Mic & Song submissions: Jessica LOBO

Workshop registrations: Priscila DA COSTA
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