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Album release: The Grund Club Songwriters 2017

Photo: The Grund Club archive


fullsizerender10The Grund Club Luxembourg a.s.b.l. is proud to present the release of its first album:

The Grund Club Songwriters 2017

The release took place at The Grund Club Songwriters Show in December 2016 at the Robert Krieps auditorium, Neumünster Abbey in Luxembourg City.

The Grund Club Songwriters 2017  is a live album, produced by Lata Gouveia and includes: 12 songs, from 11 different songwriters and sang by 10 different singers, who are all artists of The Grund Club Songwriters.

The Grund Club Songwriters is a unique concept that cannot be found anywhere else because it combines professional expertise with content that is sourced at the very grassroots level. The Club has a pedagogical, as well as a promotional mission, focusing on the artists’ development and the collection and maintenance of a Song Catalogue made in Luxembourg, thus representing the birth of a new tradition in The Grand Duchy.

All songs featured on The Grund Club Songwriters 2017  CD were written in Luxembourg and interpreted by different singers and songwriters, singing each others’ songs. The performances are backed up by The Grund Club Songwriters Band, an outfit that includes some of Luxembourg’s best musicians.

This is the first edition of The Grund Club Songwriters CD production, which is planned to take place every year, showcasing talent and bringing together text and compositions from some of the most popular artists in the country.

The Grund Club Songwriters 2017  CD is also a symbol and a small sample of the work developed by the organization in 2016. It stands as a visit card for the music made in Luxembourg.

A very special thank you goes to our official partners, Radio Latina, Radio Ara and Joao Godinho Guitars, and a part of the show ticket sales were donated to the Fondation du Grand-Duc et de la Grande-Duchesse.

The CD is on sale only at Grund Club live events.

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