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Claudia Losito was one of the few songwriters who participated in “The Songwriters in the Grund” events that Lata Gouveia organized in 2013 and 2014. So, in a way, Claudia was already a part of The Grund Club before it officially existed. Her official induction however, came in 2016 at The Grund Club Songwriters Show, Spring edition. She had Sven Sauber as her “wing-man” and brought 4 of her original songs into The Grund Club Song Catalogue.

Claudia came back to the Songwriters Show in February 2017, to introduce one new song, Peace in my heart , and to perform Peter Varkonyi‘s Headrush.

Claudia studied Jazz vocals and is a daring songwriter, embracing a variety of styles that range from pop to rap, from soul music to heart-wrenching ballads. She seamlessly moves between these moods with a very distinctive voice and attitude that make her unique and unmistakable. She is an earnest songwriter, more focused on sharing real insights about every day life and real life lessons than engaging in fictional stories or abstractions.

With the release of her debut album “Finally” in the summer of 2016, the name Claudia Losito is growing in Luxembourg. The members of her band are amongst Luxembourg’s finest, and she was one of the winners of the talent contest “Tremplin Saveurs & Legendes” in 2016 her song Now was featured in The Grund Club Songwriters 2017 CD in a stoning performance by Sitta.

Claudia Losito’s songwriting is a life mirror and this is why we so look forward to following her career and development, both in and outside of the club.


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