Daniel Balthasar


About the Artist

Daniel Balthasar was inducted into The Grund Club on the 24th of May 2016.  Daniel is one of the Luxembourg’s best known artists, with 6 albums and 2 EPs under his belt.

He brought 4 of his original songs into The Grund Club Song Catalogue that night. Daniel is a prolific and versatile songwriter. His songs vary between rock, folk and more experimental forms of songwriting. With his band, Daniel has also performed a large number of concerts in Europe and beyond, from clubs and small stages to bigger venues and festivals. He is an enormous asset to the club, especially to the younger songwriters, and we all look forward to his input over the years.

Daniel returned to The Songwriters Show in May 2017 to perform Sven Sauber‘s Fading away and to introduce a new original song into our catalogue ( Something worth).


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