Esther Correia


About the Artist

Esther was inducted into The Grund Club Luxembourg in September 2015 and she quickly became one of the most regular singers in both The Grund Club Songwriters Show and in The Grund Club Voices Shows. She has a truly original voice and style.

Born in Ettelbruck, Luxembourg, she learned the “flûte traversale” at the The Conservatoire de Luxembourg, something she didn’t feel as passionately about as singing in the shower. After some experience in the school band and on the “open mic nights” in Rocas Luxembourg City, Esther stumbled into a jam night at LiquID bar. The jam night was hosted by some of The Grund Club musicians and she simply sang a song. The rest is history.

As we follow Esther’s progress on the stage as a singer, she opens a new stage of her musical career. After picking up some guitar lessons and attending some singer-songwriter workshops at The Grund Club with Lata Gouveia, Esther is writing and beginning to perform her own songs.

Esther has participated in several Grund Club Voices Shows and in five Songwriters Shows. Her version of My City, by Kevin Heinen is the one that was selected for the Grund Club Songwriters 2017 CD.


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