Fernanda Stange


About the Artist

Fernanda Stange was inducted to The Grund Club as a songwriter in February 2017 and she introduced 3 original songs into our catalogue.

She was born in Portugal to Brazilian parents and has grown up between Portugal and Luxembourg.

Starting at the age of 9, Fernanda took piano lessons at the Ecole de Musique de Bascharage, but switched to classic guitar, and had the opportunity to play and tour with the Ensemble a Plectre d’Esch/Alzette for a few years.

She started taking classical singing lessons and singing at school musicals and took part in musical workshops, where she met fellow singers who introduced her to a larger music scene in Luxembourg. Then came the jam sessions and open mics, until she one day came to the Grund Club Open Mic.

Since 2016, Fernanda has been a singer for the Rock Combo of the Ecole de Musique Bascharage, she has a band project, a solo project in development and she’s on her way to becoming a singer-songwriter, in order to record her music and to perform it on stage.

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