Gilles Bernard


About the Artist

Luxembourg born Gilles Bernard is the drummer of The Grund Club SONGWRITERS Band resident drummer. His first show with The Grund Club was in February 2015. He has also performed in The Grund Club VOICES show and in the Grund Club SAMPLER Band formation.

Gilles is a music teacher who studied Jazz/Pop Drums in Maastricht, Netherlands. He has played with some of the top bands in Luxembourg, including Remo Cavallini, De Läb and Gast Waltzing’s Largo. He currently plays with the Blue Soxxxs, Kid Colling and The Grund Club.

The musicians in The Grund Club SONGWRITERS Band have to “take songs apart” by transposing and re-arranging them, often changing the key and composing interludes. Gilles Bernard is a vital part of this process. His main influence is Steve Jordan and his musical hero is Ray Charles, so those influences also became part of the club’s DNA.

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