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About the Artist

Irina Holzinger is one of the main pillars of The Grund Club Luxembourg. She was the first songwriter that Lata Gouveia approached with The Grund Club Songwriters concept. She was the first host of The Grund Club Songwriters Show in September 2014 and she hosted and performed in many shows since then. She has brought 10 of her original songs into The Grund Club Song Catalogue so far.

Irina started singing in the late 80’s, sitting on a tree and using a plastic tennis racket for a guitar. She would sing songs about the grass, sun and the sky. Singing was her way of making sense of the world. Then in the 1990’s, certain singer-songwriters like Sheryl Crow and Tracy Chapman caught her ear and inspired her to pick up a friend’s guitar and start learning a few chords. She was 19 years old. Irina soon wrote one of her first songs, but back then she was just too shy to perform.

In November 2009, Irina met Kim, who would later become her spouse. They both started making music and performing Irina’s songs at concerts. As a result, Irina’s confidence grew and the project evolved into a 6-piece band called IRINA, who is now amongst the best known bands in the country. She is a singer in the acoustic cover band Naked Socks and a proud member of The Grund Club.

Irina’s status within the club comes not just from her tremendous voice and performing ability but also from her deep knowledge of literature and the crossover between making music and the social function of being a musical artist.

Irina Holzinger has performed in every possible format within the Grund Club. She has performed acoustic Private Sessions for the club, she has performed in 2 Grund Club Voices Shows, and she has performed in no less that 6 Songwriter Shows to date. Her voice has immortalised Laetitia Koener‘s Take my hand, in the 2017 CD. The same CD also contains her song, Sadness, in a Grund Club Band re-arrangement and performed by Lata Gouveia.

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