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Kid Colling is one of the Core Songwriters in The Grund Club. He was inducted as a songwriter in December 2014, when he inducted 3 of his songs into the Song Catalogue. He has been back many times since, performing and hosting The Grund Club Songwriters Shows and The Grund Club Sampler Shows. As a songwriter he has brought 4 songs to The Grund Club Song Catalogue to date, some of which are amongst the most popular songs in The Grund Club.

The Grund Club family loves Kid Colling’s songs because he embodies the world of “Modern Blues”: a mix of classic blues enriched with rock, jazz, funk and pop music. Our singers and musicians love to perform his songs, some of which have become club classics, like The Blues got me first, Tomorrow’s far away and I ain’t welcome anymore. He has also revealed himself to be an amazing host and presenter, when he took our audience by storm at The Grund Club Songwriters Show in September 2015.

Influenced by guitarists such as BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Larry Carlton and Robben Ford, Colling plays the “Roots” with the warmth and generosity of his sound and guitar playing – not forgetting to add a jazzy touch that livens up his performance. He also has a unique voice and is a true band leader, making each performance clear and easy for the musicians to follow. Colling is a graduate from the American School of Modern Music in Paris and, after leading with Marly Marques in a rhythm & blues band and playing the guitar for the harmonica player Dave White since 2014, he works with the American folk-blues singer Ilene Barnes.

In 2012 Colling founded his own band The Kid Colling Cartel and in 2014 he released his debut EP “Tomorrow’s Far Away” which received critical and public acclaims, making him an established artist in Luxembourg.  He has also won the So Blues Price (Europa Jazz) at the “Tremplin Blues’’ of the RDV de l’Erdre Festival in Nantes France in 2014.

In 2017 Kid Colling released his debut LP In the devil’s court and represented Luxembourg at The European Blues Challenge which took place in Denmark in April this year.

Kid Colling is a Core Songwriter in The Grund Club and as a singer you can find a great exemple of his talent in his interpretation of Lata Gouveia’s Let the river, a version that is included in The Grund Club Songwriters 2017 CD.

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