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Lata Gouveia is the founder of The Grund Club Songwriters. He was inducted on the first edition of The Grund Club Songwriters Show in September 2014, along with Irina Holzinger and Danny Bolan. As a songwriter, he has brought 7 of his original songs into our Song Catalogue and has also performed for the club in all of its many different formats. Lata’s role in the club goes beyond being an artist. He is responsible for artists & repertoire, runs the course of Singer-songwriter workshops as well as the strategic and administrative duties of the organization.

As a professional musician over the last 20 years, Lata has lived and worked in 5 different cities, 4 different countries, including 14 years in London, 3 years in Lisbon, 4 years between Austin (TX) and Tulsa (OK) and 6 years in Luxembourg. He has released 2 solo albums to date but has also been a singer and songwriter for several other London based bands and projects.

In 2007 Lata decided to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to soak in the attitude and skills of a group of musicians which are commonly known as The Tulsa Sound, a sub-genre of music that was most famously defined in the 1970’s by JJ Cale, Leon Russel and Eric Clapton. Lata was invited to Tulsa by legendary Rocky Frisco, a Tulsa Sound legend and a piano player for the JJ Cale band. Rocky introduced Lata to the Tulsa scene and Lata quickly became involved with the more acoustic side of the Oklahoma songwriting tradition, a genre called Red Dirt Music. He learned much about songwriting and performing from the likes of Tom Skinner, Randy Crouch, Greg Jacobs, Monica Taylor, Steve Pryor, Dustin Pittsley, Jesse Aycock, Wink Burcham and many other Okie songwriters and performers.

Lata was always very interested in the social and historical aspects of what makes certain cities special in terms of music. In 2009 he produced a documentary film about Red dirt Music called “Songs from the Dust”.

In 2011 he moved to the City of Luxembourg, where he worked for several film production companies, including the composition and recording of the Soundtrack to Donato Rotunno’s Terra Mia, Terra Nostra (2012), and several productions with Furioso Film.

Drawing upon his experience in Austin and Tulsa, he began dreaming up a way to help Luxembourg become a reference in the European Music scene. He knew it was not possible to transplant Tulsa’s or Austin’s attitude, mentality, social and historical circumstances into Luxembourg because Luxembourg has a very different culture. Nevertheless, Lata has spent 2 whole years working in secret to create what was to become The Grund Club Songwriters.

In the year 2013 he organized a series of songwriter evenings called “The Songwriters in the Grund”, which was finally re-branded into The Grund Club Songwriters in September 2014. And thus The Grund Club was born.

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