Luca Sales


About the Artist

Luca Sales is our harmony master. He started playing for The Grund Club in 2015. Luca has been involved in a couple of special events leading a Jazz quartet into instrumental jazz arrangements of The Grund Club songs and he is an important member of The Grund Club Songwriter Band.

Luca started playing classical piano at the age of 7 and one year later he started the violin which became an important part in his musical development. Luca quickly discovered the ability to improvise, so the step to enter into the world of jazz was quite natural. At the age of 12 he started having lessons with Guy Cabay and Marc Mangen. Then he went to Brussels and studied Jazz with Eric Lignini. During all this time Luca Sales kept playing with many different bands and groups from Luxemburg and Brussels.

You can hear Luca Sales in Bands like Meander (Fusion), Frank Landon (Soul), Georges Soyka Quartett (Jazz), Marc Welter (Pop) and of course in The Grund Club BAND.

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