Manuela Rufolo


About the Artist

Manuela Rufolo was inducted as a singer into The Grund Club Luxembourg at The Grund Club SONGWRITERS show in May 2016. She had already been featured in The Grund Club VOICES show and Manuela’s path within the club is a classic way we like to see artists progress.

Born in Italy, Manuela started singing from a very young age and her main influences were artists like Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys, and Whitney Houston. In 2011, she joined the band Strykeri with whom she sang for several years. Strykeri was a covers band with the particularity of using 4 harmonized vocalists. Whilst still in Italy, she also began to write songs with her sister and in 2013 she recorded an EP with Eddy Mattei (It).

Manuela moved to Luxembourg in 2014 and got busy straight away, participating in events like the Ladies’ Night 2014-2015 at the Utopolis cinéma, the final evening of the Europvision Gala Night at the Casino 2000 and other events in collaboration with the Italian magazine Passaparole. We look forward to featuring Manuela again and hopefully inducting her as a songwriter in the future.

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