Pol Dechmann


About the Artist

Pol Dechmann joined The Grund Club as a songwriter in February 2015. He brought 3 original songs into The Grund Club Song Catalogue, 2 of them performed acoustically and one song “Delivered” performed with The Grund Club SONGWRITERS Band.

Born in Luxembourg in 1977, Pol is a self-taught musician who started writing songs and lyrics in 1996, and playing out in bands like Bionic Buddha and Korsakovs. He had a strong grunge influence from the beginning.

Pol is currently keeping himself busy in two bands, Blue Soxxxs and Della Mancha, and his influences now cover everything from “La valse a mille temps” to “Roots Bloody Roots”. We are excited to receive more original songs from this guy!

Picture by Cedric Letsch

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