Introducing two new songs by Priscila da Costa


“Fallin’” and “Twisted mind” by Priscila da Costa

by I.P.


The Grund Club’s core songwriter Priscilla da Costa introduces two new Songs into The Grund Club SONG CATALOGUE and shares her thoughts and inspiration on her songwriting. Priscilla has presented the songs “Fallin'” and “Twisted mind” live on The Grund Club SONGWRITERS live show – Birthday edition on September 21, 2016 in Robert Krieps Auditorium, Neumünster Abbey, Luxembourg City.


“The song ‘Fallin’’ stands for all those moments in life when you feel completely lost and you struggle to find answers. Those moments happen to everyone, like when you do not know what you really want, where to go or even sometimes who you really are. I was in that exact mood when I was writing this song. It was a very difficult process and it did not come out as naturally as other songs. I really had to work on the lyrics, and there were many changes in the main riff and the chords until I finally found its final version. In a way, the song represents the very process of going inside of yourself, in order to re-connect to the well of creativity and peace.”


My soul was lost so deep in the night
I couldn’t see what was pulling me down

I am looking for a place to hide
But every path seems to lead nowhere out of my mind

Walking half-blinded through the world
Heading to nothing but the unknown

I’m falling deeper

There are some things I got to say
The world appeared to me under its best light
And I saw things that made me wonder why
Reality is so loud


“This song was inspired by my hosting of The Grund Club SONGWRITERS live show on December 11th, 2015, in Neumünster Abbey, Luxembourg City. This wasn’t my first time hosting such a big music event but that day I just got caught between wanting to say so much and my own nervousness, so that in the end I just ended up with my mind frozen, right in the center of the stage. Day after, I was still frustrated and very unhappy with my performance, feeling the disappointment to my very core. I sat down, took my guitar and just let it out of my system. The chords, lyrics and melody were flowing out naturally. After finishing the song I was happy that a bad day gave life to a new song..”


I don t know what to do
I don t know what to say
I just want to run away
I wish I could fly away

Oh baby, take me by the hand
And make me dance

Should I go left or should I go right
Excuse my twisted mind

I don’t know what to do
I don’t know what to say
I‘ll do my best not to land on my head
Eyes blinded by the sun
My wings are melting away

We are looking forward to additional new songs in The Grund Club SONG CATALOGUE.

Stay tuned!

The Grund Club


Photos: Lugdivine Unfer, Priscilla da Costa: private collection

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