In Danger Of Exctinction


Okay, I’m ’bout to tell you a story.
It’s gonna talk about friendship and glory, about…
true love, true feelings, real trust. Fuck it!
Everyone knows it’s fake but no one dares to talk about it.

We live in a world where all our feelings have to be shared on Facebook,
and where a smile, a glance directly depend on your model outlook.
We’re all skin and bones, society clones,
and have forgotten to be who we are, simply humans.

“I love you”, 3 words that are slowly disappearing from our dictionaries.
“I trust you”, means I really do but only if your bank account can help me out.
“Good friends”, are people who are there for you but only when they need you.
Love and friendship are in danger of extinction

This girl was really lost in her life.
No family, no simple childhood, only messy love and health.
She needed trust, she needed a friend,
a person whom she could count on anytime, but only she forgot.

Friendship is a relationship where both sides have to work,
equally taking and giving, without counting. She took without giving back,
She took and left no track.
And finally found herself some new friends: she and herself


This man had everything he needed to be happy:
Big house, great job, loads of money, excellent reputation.
He thought that like his car, his friends could be bought with cash and cards…
Wrong code, wrong currency, wrong credit card.

His personal wealth was worth way more than his best friends.
So bad that even the most loyal of them ran away.
He thought his money could buy all the love on earth,
so his only company became his stupid money girlfriend


Okay now listen…
Fortunately, in danger of extinction doesn’t mean dead,
but only in desperate need of help for survival.
A few foolish samples of human kind entered my life
and despite the challenge of being my friends stayed there as hard as rocks

This song’s for you, all my real friends, close and far.
I wanna thank you, just thank you for being who you are.
And for believing in the same cause as mine,
that is to say live and friendship are priceless and sacred


“I love you”, 3 words that still haven’t disappeared from my dictionary.
“I trust you”, means I believe in you no matter what you say or do
’cause you’re my friend. “Real friends” are people who are there for you,
who care for you and see you.

Love and friendship are in danger of extinction
But thanks to you…
Love and friendship are on their way to survival

Song details:

Catalogue number: GC058

Year of induction into catalogue: 2016

written by: Claudia Losito

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