Leave Me Alone



I feel so useless today, although waking up like any other day,
I just can’t explain why, I don’t feel easy no matter how hard I try,
Please don’t watch me cry, I wish this awful black mood could say bye bye,
And I don’t feel like seeing anyone around
‘Cause I know I would drag them down to the ground.


So leave me alone, all on my own and don’t you try to get me on the phone,
My heart’s like a stone, my head has been blown
And the reason to that is still unknown.


How many times in my life I’ve heard words cutting like a knife,
And my only reaction to that, was a huge smile under my flashy hat,
But today I feel the blues, I’m fighting to feel good but I just seem to lose
No matter…whatever… It doesn’t change anything ‘cause today I just can’t choose



Just like a nighmare, you cry you sweat you turn around
Just wishing you’d wake up right now
Only this is real life, with eyes wide open, real tears rolling
No escape just keep on going



And the reason to that is still unknown
I guess tomorrow I’ll wake up…and it’ll all be gone


Song details:

Catalogue number: GC057

Year of induction into catalogue: 2016

written by: Claudia Losito

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