I’m a man with a self control
I’m a man who knows his role
I’m a man who goes his way
I’m a rambler, never stay

Don t ever look after me
Cause you know i just want to be free

I’m a man who makes his life
With his shotgun and his knife

So you forgot to … on me babe
I’m the devils messenger i’m free

It makes me feel so good babe
It makes me feel so good

You’re a man who lives his life
You have no girl and you have no wife
So you say that you don’t know fear
What you need is a bike and a bottle of beer

Oh man, don’t you forget
I’m the one who gets all your things set
When you want to climb by air
I’m the one standing down holding up the stairs
Would you be just our enemy
If I wasn’t there telling you how to stand




Song details:

Catalogue number: GC052

Year of induction into catalogue: 2015

written by: Remo Cavallini

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