The ballad of the green eyed girl


Verse 1:
She’s inhaling love, exhaling hate,
her red hair is long, her skin is pale.
Who would have known how she could feel?
Her sad past she would always seal.

A silver necklace she would wear all day,
he gave it to her on his way.
She forgot her atrocing past,
but every love she tried would never last.

He closed his eyes, thinking about what he lost.
She closed her eyes, thinking about what she could have lived.

And here comes the rain again,
hiding his face one more time.
And here comes the rain again,
drying his tears one more time.

Verse 2:
Behind her glasses, her green eyes
are fixing his, are killing lies.
Never in his life he would let her go,
cause when she kisses him, his will to live just grows.

What did he do to make her love?
He came into her life from above.
What did he do to make her leave?
Will he jump off a bridge to feel her breathe?

PreChorus 2:
He closed his eyes, thinking about hers.
She closed his eyes, giving him endless dreamless sleeps.


Can she hear the song that he’s singing?
He even tells himself she might come back.
Can you hear the song that I’m singing?
Are you deaf? I’m singing about us.

Last Chorus:
And yes, I’m the broken boy I sing about.
When you hear this I need to say a thing.
I miss the way you used to smile at me.
So sorry for everything I ever did to you.
Oh please, give it another try,
I miss your green eyes since you said they were green.
Oh please, take me back to the start,
our book will be a whole new part
of our life together.
This book will be called The Ballad of the Green-Eyed Girl.

Song details:

Catalogue number: CS085

Year of induction into catalogue: 2017

written by: Kevin Heinen

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