The Cold


The ash had already fallen
The soldiers were sat in trenches
With their hands and feet all frozen
The krauts were on the other side
All armed with guns and tanks
Aiming at a forest full of grief
And at me plus a load of yanks

And they fired all the way across the field
We had no cover or a solid shield
The men were suffering in their holes of death
Then the shots had stopped
Six wounded and three more dead

My man had started talking
With a smoke between his lips
He told me about his hometown
And his wife with her nice hips
I thought about my little girl
Who had skin as white as snow
Her smile would just remind me
To not give up and not say no


My partner was in pain
He found it hard to move
The medic had come with morphine
To lighten up his mood
He looked at me with sorrow
Then he looked at the giant cut
He smiled at me briefly
And then his eyes they just closed shut

Song details:

Catalogue number: GC009

Year of induction into catalogue: 2014

written by: Danny Bolan

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