Tomorrow’s Far Away


Every day, every night, I’ve got feeling deep inside.
Could be me, or, could be you, but, something around us ain’t going right.
I look at the people, I see no expressions, a mob of sheep having no direction.
Illusion of freedom, illusion of fairness, stuck in a world of mass consumption.


This world outside fills me with sorrow.
I wish I could just sail away.
I will keep on living the moment, because it’ seems…
That tomorrow’s far away.

I can’t watch TV, and I don’t believe the News,
It’s like everything around went Crazy.
I just got my music, I just got my Blues,
And I wish the rest would not affect me.

But it tears my soul, and I should do something,
But the evil seems being out of reach.
Do play the game, but I’ll keep on fighting,
I’ll be the rebel, even if




Sometimes I wonder, if all this is real?
How can you people be so blind?
You can call me crazy, you can call me mad,
But I refuse to be a jumping Jack

Chorus 2x

Song details:

Catalogue number: CGL011

Year of induction into catalogue: 2014

written by: Kid Colling

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