Do you remember when we met
Do you remember what you said
Once we were alone
Do you recall my first words
Do you think they were absurd
Now that you’ve moved on
And I pretend that I’m contend

How I miss the yesteryears
So much more I long to hear
Coming from your mouth
I long to feel your touch
I know I’m asking way to much
And you have closed our book
And the world spins on although you’re gone

All the nights that we’ve shared
When you left for you not scared
I can’t eat, cannot sleep
Oh it hurts so very deep
And the echoes of my past
Have caught up with me at last
All the stories all the songs when did it all go wrong

Take a stroll in the sand
Through these undiscovered lands
And leave it all behind
You have learned so much since
You have outgrown your footprints that have faded in the sand
So just look ahead but don’t forget
Don’t be upset have no regrets
And I pretend that I’m contend

Song details:

Catalogue number: GC086

Year of induction into catalogue: 2016

written by: Sven Sauber

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