They say the Age of Aquarius is set to begin
To me it seems more like the glue your mind is stuck in
The ground beneath your arguments is slowly wearing thin
How many angels dance on the head of that pin
You won’t take a break though it’s not that hard to do
You’ll be preaching to me as if I’m half as good as you
But your logic is broken and your words all ring true
I’m pretty sure by now that you don’t really have a clue


There’s no substance no meat in that sauce
Your train of thought is giving me a headrush .
There’s no substance no meat in that sauce


See, I’m trying to imagine the best that I can
How the world could be a better place according to your plan
It’s easy to talk with a wine-glass in your hand
And then up and take a walk when the shit hits the fan
You’re not offering solutions your advice ain’t worth a dime
I’d be better off without you wasting all of my time
Night is getting old and I have to draw the line
Won’t I be better off if I just left you behind?


Getting crazy sitting on the stool
Is there reason why you treat me like a fool girl?
Why am I even here listening to you
I have ideas of better things that we could do
So why don’t we get to it, before the night is through?

Song details:

Catalogue number: GC029

Year of induction into catalogue: 2015

written by: Peter Varkonyi

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