You Are The Storm, I Am The Boat


Outside the city is cold and grey.
I have to leave but I wanna stay
It’s not alright but it’s ok.
I gonna miss this anyway

Outside I hear the cold wind blow.
One last kiss and I have to go
There’s still so much I wanna know.
It’s hard but I carry the load


You are the storm I am the boat
You are the night I am the cold
Under full sail to the unknown
The world is so big when you’re not home

Sometimes it hurts but I keep goin’.
You almost turned my heart to stone
I’m getting tired getting old.
Still I’m not blinded by your gold

But when I’m looking to the west.
I still fill this burning in my chest
I know you won’t leave my dear foe.
You are the sun I am the snow


Song details:

Catalogue number: GCL008

Year of induction into catalogue: 2014

written by: Yacke Stein

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