Remo Cavallini


About the Artist

The name Cavallini is a name that stands for something in the history of Luxembourg’s music scene. It is a name tied to the Blues tradition of the country’s industrial south (the “minnette”) and it is a name carried by two generations of this tradition, a father and a son. Remo is the son, a guitar player, singer and songwriter and a teacher who started his stage career at the early age of 14 opening for local blues bands.

Inducting Remo Cavallini into the Grund Club in September 2015 was an important event for an association that was still in its beginning at the time. In the eyes of many, Remo brought certain credibility to the project simply by accepting the invitation, because Remo Cavallini is the nation’s “Bluesman from down south” and the grassroots musical supporters of this country know and respect that.

Remo was inducted on the same night as Sid Mysore and Laetitia Koener. He brought 2 songs into The Grund Club Song Catalogue. One was the ballad “Dallas”, arguably the most requested song to date by female club singers. The other song was “Self-control” the big band feel blues number that we use to introduce our hosts at our official Songwriter Shows.

Remo has been working and playing with different bands and artists since 1999. And since 2009 he is the General Manager of the Blues School in Differdange. He has his own band The Remo Cavallini Band and has released 2 albums to date, “Authentic South” and “Self Control”. The band has played throughout Europe and continues to do so. His style of music is most definitely rooted in blues but he often blends in elements of other genres such as rock, jazz and funk. His guitar-playing is influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King, Peter Green, Albert Collins and Gary Moore. He was the national opening act for Ten Years After, Johnny Winter, Steve Lukather, Lucky Peterson, ZZ Top, Louisiana Red, Scott Henderson and other blues legends. Remo has a special place in The Grund Club as well as with our audience.

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