Marc Welter


About the Artist

Marc Welter was inducted into The Grund Club Luxembourg as a songwriter in June 2015 with the song “Let us be silly”, lyrics by Irina Holzinger. He is also one of the few songwriters who were in The Grund Club before the club even officially existed. His participation in the “Songwriters in the Grund” in 2014 meant that it was just a question of time before Marc was officially inducted.

Marc Welter started playing the piano at age 3 (his dad is a viola player, a teacher as well as a choir conductor). At age 15 he stopped studying at the conservatory, but a year later he began playing the piano again and when a good friend started writing lyrics, Marc was inspired to write melodies.

In 1989, together with percussionist and friend Al Ginter, he made his first professional studio recording, a vinyl single including the tracks “Janis’ Song” and “Don’t give her up”. Both tracks landed in the Luxembourgish national charts and did well.

Since 2014, he has been getting his songs and demos done. In 2015, Marc has put his band together, called “The Joint Bunch” and they have been hitting the bar and brasserie circuit in Luxembourg for a short time now. His influences are Billy Joel, Elton John, Peter Gabriel, Supertramp and Phil Collins. He is an important member of The Grund Club and has started submitting new, original songs at The Grund Club OPEN MIC events. There is much more to come from him and we look forward to it!


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