Sid Mysore


About the Artist

Sid Mysore was officially inducted into The Grund Club in September 2015 but he had already participated in “the first take-off” of the club in 2013, when he participated in “The Songwriters in the Grund” event. To date, he has brought 4 of his original songs into The Grund Club Song Catalogue, including “Heart of Stone”, one of the club’s classics that has been performed by many Grund Club artists in different shows: from The Grund Club OPEN MIC nights, The Grund Club VOICES show, The Grund Club SAMPLER shows and The Grund Club SONGWRITERS shows.

Sid started his musical journey by playing a classical guitar and a piano as a child, but got the most pleasure out of composing his own songs with his teenage band Paraflip. During his formative years he moved between Germany, France and Belgium, and progressively joined a number of bands, ranging from quirky instrumentalism in Tvoya Maïka to rock music with Birdbones before settling on rhythmic folk-rock in the songs that he wrote for his alter ego Rufus Ready. Rufus Ready was the project within which Sid’s commitment to musical autarchy finally became evident, where he has developed an ethos for creating homemade music, therefore housing most aspects of a record and song production in a space just above the garage.

Sid’s songs tell stories of gypsies, trains, wars, love and wanderlust and invite the listener to embark upon a journey. Perhaps this is why our band and our singers enjoy them so much…

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