When you said you’re never going back, well did you mean that?
We haven’t talked for a while but talk is cheap, did you know that?

If you’ve stayed who you were, I mean a little bit
I will know who you are when we meet accidentally in the streets

When we meet again I will still know you
When we meet again I will not forget you
When you’re gone
When you’re gone I will pretend to sleep

When I said, “forget about the past”, well I didn’t mean that
Yes, I know, it makes us who we are but I sometimes forget that

If you’ve stayed who you were
Not a person I can see trough the very first minute
Don’t you think we should try
Someday soon to meet accidentally in the streets?


Yes, it’s time to catch up on the wasted time
Yes, I feel fine but how are you?
You’ve got a family, that is so great news
I never thought we’d get this old, did you?



Song details:

Catalogue number: GCL028

Year of induction into catalogue: 2016

written by: Daniel Balthasar

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