Dancing With The Devil


She’s looking around, choosing her new victim
He’s bleeding out, has no chance, she picked him

Falling under the spell, this woman is a prison cell
(This girl loves raising hell)
Addicted to her taste
His body is but human waste

He’s running in circles, crying life has no purpose
She’s pulling him up Whispers « Here take the next shot »

She’s dancing like the devil
In disguise
He’s dancing, signs the trade bill
Of her lies

She takes off his clothes, he’s staring at the ceiling
He gets another dose, she screams «This is healing»

His body’s getting loose, he looks at his destructive muse
She’s high up in the sky and slowly he begins to fly

Now he’s riding on a horse, feels a smack on his shoulder
Blood, pain, pangs of remorse, his skin’s getting colder

She’s dancing like the devil
In disguise
He’s dancing sees the devil
In her eyes


He was dancing with the devil
In disguise
Dancing, saw the devil
In her eyes

Song details:

Catalogue number: GC043

Year of induction into catalogue: 2015

written by: Laetitia Koener

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