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Laetitia Koener was inducted as a songwriter into The Grund Club in September 2015, along with Sid Mysore and Remo Cavallini. She is the lead singer of the band Go By Brooks who have been spreading their music and their name to every corner of Luxembourg for 2 or 3 years now. Laetitia is a big fan of Leonard Cohen and this is an influence that is definitely welcome in the club, not to mention Laetitia’s voice and songs.

She has been spellbound by rock music ever since her parents took her to a Bon Jovi show at the age of 7. However, as her local music school didn’t offer any electric guitar courses, at the age of 9 she decided to give the piano a try. Fortunately, 2 years later the school hired an electric guitar teacher, Mr Erik Teuwens, and it was with great pleasure that she attended his courses until her late teens. During these years, she played a number of gigs with the local music school and founded her first band.

After graduation, she accompanied several singers on the guitar, but soon felt the urge to start her own project. Indeed, by 2013 Laetitia had already written a few songs and decided to start a solo project called “Go By Brooks” (named after a poem by Leonard Cohen). But as singing was a new experience for her, she felt quite self-conscious alone up on stage, which is why she asked some old school friends to join her. The solo project quickly turned into a band.

In 2015 Go By Brooks presented their first EP called “Rivers” containing the single “Streets of Paris”. This was the same year Laetitia joined The Grund Club. In mid-September 2016, Go By Brooks presented their second EP called “Oceans” at the legendary Kulturfabrik, in Esch-sur-Alzette. Laetitia became a Grund Club Core Songwriter in 2017, but in 2016 her song Take my hand was already a Club Classic, which you can find in the 2017 CD, interpreted by Irina Holzinger.

In 2017 Laetitia played a Private Session in duo with Lata Gouveia and performed at the February Songwriters Show, where she performed with The Grund Club Songwriters Band, bringing tremendous poignancy to Sven Sauber‘s Another day.

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