Mirror Night


I’m dreaming I’m an eagle,
I’m gliding over a big mirror night…
you’ve got to see it!

The moon shines above us…
the moon shines below us now.
You’ve got to see it… to believe it.

Into the woods, just like a breath,
leading the world in a summer prayer.

When the river runs high, in the treetops I’ll hide.
And I’ll wait and I’d like…for this dream to last a while.

I don’t dance by the river,
I never dance on the river bank.
I made my peace with the sun,
Now the moon is the one

It’s so obscure and so much there
Leading the woods in a summer prayer

Was I ever to wake up again,
I might just wish I never did

I’m forever in love with your spell.
Forever free, forever there

Song details:

Catalogue number: GC003

Year of induction into catalogue: 2014

written by: Lata Gouveia

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