Embrima (Kubra) Mass


About the Artist

Ebrima was born in the village of Tambana, in the Gambia, West Africa. Tambana is a multicultural environment where local players come together with performers from Mali, Guinea, and Senegal to create a rich fusion of musical styles. In Tambana Ebrima grew up immersed in the local musical culture and learned to play djembe and other traditional percussion instruments such as the doun-doun, kenkeni, and the sangban at a young age. Through all of this exposure Ebrima has developed a keen sense of timing and expression. He kept himself busy as the bandleader of the group Jamorai and as a djembe teacher to tourists. He is regarded as an intuitive an skilled instructor who has an encouraging teaching style.

For the last 15 years Ebrima has been living and working in Europe, mostly in the Netherlands and Luxembourg. He performs annually at venues such as Ruigoord & Paradiso in Amsterdam and the Hippie Festival in Gorinchem (NL). In 2014 Ebrima traveled to Jamaica where, together with the Sea Star Drummers, they opened for Luciano at the Sea Star Bar in Negril.

Since his entry into the Luxembourgish music scene, Ebrima has had the luck on several occasions to perform with acclaimed musician Lata Gouveia. Lata quickly got Ebrima involved with the Grund Club as part of the club’s “sampler band”, with several performances in 2016.

He offers lessons to both adults and children in percussion and African dance.

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