Sven Sauber


About the Artist

Sven Sauber has been with The Grund Club Songwriters as a musician since the first Grund Club Songwriters Show in September 2014. He was inducted as a songwriter on the very next Songwriters Show in December 2014. Over time, Sven came to perform a variety of functions in the Club. As a songwriter he has brought 7 songs into the Song Catalogue. As a Grund Club Band musician, he re-works song arrangements with the band, transposes music and rehearses with all of our featured artists. Additionally, Sven is the artistic director of The Grund Club Voices Show.

He was born in Luxembourg and grew up in a musically rich environment. At a young age he was inspired to pick up the saxophone but aged fifteen he found his true love was actually – a guitar.

Sven Sauber has had an illustrious academic path, starting with an education in classical music; studying at the Luxembourg City Conservatoire; winning a full scholarship (Bertram Pohl Foundation) for private tuition from internationally acclaimed musicians in Paris; teaching guitar and music theory (Ron Steven’s Pop Music Academy); receiving the Luxembourgish National Educator Diploma in 2008 and studying Popular Music Performance in London (Tech Music School – University of West London) from which he graduated with 1st class honors, of course.

As an artist, Sven has plenty of live and studio professional experience. He has been a part of many musical formations and has been a session musician in London’s cut-throat environment. With an impeccable musical knowledge and background in a variety of different styles of music, from acoustic folk to jazz, fusion, metal and pop/rock, he is setting very high standards.

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