Michel Meis


About the Artist

Michel Meis played drums for The Grund Club VOICES and for The Grund Club QUARTET in 2015 and 2016. The Grund Club QUARTET is a Jazz Quartet that performs instrumental Jazz arrangements of the songs from The Grund Club SONG CATALOGUE.

Born in Luxembourg on the 9 October 1989, “Mich” as we call him, made his first experience with the drums at the early age of 7 at the Conservatory of Luxembourg, Luxembourg City.

After finishing his diploma’s in Chamber Music, Classical Percussion and Jazz drums in 2014 with the teachers Guy Frisch, Paul Mootz, Rainer Kind and Al Ginter, Michel entered the Jazz section of the ‘Hochschule für Musik Saar‘ where he is actually doing his Bachelor in Jazz drums in the class of Oliver Strauch and Georg Ruby.

Since 2011, Michel is also a member of the Luxembourg Military Band and has played in several Jazz-clubs and festivals like the Hong Kong Jazz Festival, Beishan Jazz Festival, Sibiu Jazz Festival, Fête de la Musique Liege and the Brussels Jazz Marathon.

Currently, Michel is a drummer of the following projects: EVERWAITING SERENADE (Melodic Hardcore), DOCK IN ABSOLUTE (Jazz), JUAN GONZALEZ TRIO (Folk/Jazz), MICHEL MEIS TRIO.


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