Rob Schauls


About the Artist

Rob Schauls is a Luxembourgish drumming legend. Along with Roger Hamen, they were the 2 first drummers to believe in the Grund Club concept at its very infancy. Roger was the drummer on our first-ever show, in September 2014. Roby was the drummer on our 2nd show, in December of the same year.

Born 1962, Rob started in music with guitar, quickly changing to the drums, playing in a couple of local school bands. He took up the sticks in the 90s for the BLUES BUSTERS. Then, when Claude Bintz started having less and less time for the band, the other members Snoop Kartheiser, Claude Müller and Rob founded BLUES, WOMEN & WHISKEY together with René Cavallini. Active from 1992, this band played a lot of gigs in bars and venues, including some cool opening gigs for Luther Allison, Stan Webb or Buddy Guy. The CD “Too Far Gone” was released in 1996. The band continued playing locally and abroad (for a while with Luciano Pagliarini and Julien Arpetti as a horn section, but always with the same basic quartet).

After a good 10 years B,W&W finally split. They made a return for two concerts, one of them being at the first edition of the Blues Express. After this period, Rob continued with Sneaky Pete and the Blue Birds for 2 years. After that B3O was formed, with old friend Snoop. No live concerts were played, except one appearance at DOC TV’s first of their live music shows. He also featured as a drummer in Selma’ s CD “Aidez-moi, j’ai un accent!”.

In 2008 he took up the sticks again in “The Heritage Blues Company”, with whom he goes on playing. And once in a while, he does play with “The Crazy Horses” a Neil Young tribute band.

An honor for this club to be able to list him amongst us!



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