God Is Throwing Fire


If God is throwing fire through those who him admire,
can he be that great and why is he afraid,

of some people who try to live their life free as brothers and sisters equally,
we all love our children we cheat and we lie
and try to get better before we die, it’s a human thing called life.

If money does the same, who do we have to blame?
And freedom is a reward for which we seldom fought.

Cause we’re living on Facebook get lazy and fat,
we are closing our eyes and we lie in our bed.
We wait for a savior, a superman,
protecting our values, our house and our van.
That’s a human thing called greed

No matter where you’re living, you have got no choice,
you better believe in you and your inner voice;
And the story that she’s telling it’s a simple melody about a peaceful living and a peaceful God,

but it all flows together in a deadly refrain,
a chorus celebrating hatred and pain.
Could we all come together, retrieve our knives, get back to our homes and kiss our wife’s.
It’s human thing called love

Bridge Humming

Song details:

Catalogue number: GC031

Year of induction into catalogue: 2015

written by: Pol Dechmann

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