I Ain’t Welcome Anymore


Verse 1

I’ve been rambling for so long
Trying to find my way back home
I carried so many loads, travelled so many roads, and
I end up here, all alone

Verse 2

As I am walking away from your shut door,
I lost the only hope I’ve been looking for.
The cold raindrops sliding down my back, while a walk along
the railroad track makes me
Feel so dirty, low down and poor.

How can i be so close, and still feel so far away?
How did I become that stranger that nobody wants here to stay?
The burning pain inside, takes all the love i had in store
And there’s nothing else to do than face the fact:
That I ain’t welcome here anymore

Verse 3

I’ve been walking for so long,
Searching for the place where I belong
I’m feeling lost and so confused, while the people seem to be amused, to see
Me out of strength to carry on.

Verse 4

As I am walking through the break of dawn,
I realize that all the bonds were gone.
Everything around feels not the same,
I guess I’m probably the one to blame. And I’m
Taking the blues with me on my way.


Song details:

Catalogue number: GC046

Year of induction into catalogue: 2015

written by: Kid Colling

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