Take My Hand


Lying on the floor, I feel so depressed
Look at me, all you see is emptiness
What do I do, it’s my seventh bar now
What do I do, I lost you somehow

My 8th beer makes me hear crazy things
I hear your voice, in my head it sings
About you and me and love, you see
About you and her, please stay with me …

Please take my hand
Please stop to hurt
She’s nothing you ever wanted

Lying on the street, waiting for the next car
Hoping I’ll be over soon, don’t want another scar
Your smile hits my thoughts, it’s over know
Your words burst my ears, still lost you somehow

Your fainted love was the best that
I’ve ever had, now I’m half dead
Remember when you kissed my cheek
“I’ll make sure you’ll never bleed”

Song details:

Catalogue number: GC049

Year of induction into catalogue: 2015

written by: Laetitia Koener

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