The Blues Got Me First


Darling you shine, like a star in the midnight skies.
Oh your charm overcame me… and It’s hard for me to take off my eyes.
Darling your kisses send chills up and down my spine.
Darling I’ll miss it, your love, the thrill we used to have at night


What you do expect, is what you won’t get,
Cause my life is something that you won’t understand
You’re trying to make me change, but I’m not that kind of man
My path forces me to go and I know this may sound absurd, but…
The Blues got me first.

Darling I’m lying here thinking about our love
The sky seems blue for you, but you don’t see the grey clouds above.

Darling you’re trying to make me choose your way to go
I know the game you’re playing, but there is something you oughta know




Song details:

Catalogue number: GCL010

Year of induction into catalogue: 2014

written by: Kid Colling

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