Daniela Kruger


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Daniela Kruger is one of the best known bass players in Luxembourg. She started her career in 2001 in Cyprus and spent several years playing covers in 5 star Hotels around the World, from Norway, to South Korea, from India to Dubai. But since 2010 she decided to settle in Luxembourg and take a chance with several original music projects.

Daniela has provided bass for many national acts (Fred Barreto, Poundcake, Bossy Bitch, Daniela Kruger Band and the Lata Gouveia Band) and she has also toured internationally with acts like Till Bennewitz and Layla Zoe. Her qualifications range from a Diploma in double bass and singing (Dobri Hristov Highschool, Bulgaria), to a second diploma in double-bass (Pancho Vladigerov Academy, Bulgaria) to a 4-year stint studying bass guitar at the Conservatoire in Luxembourg.

The Grund Club invited Daniela Kruger to represent the club for the first time on the 8th of March 2017, a special performance at the Robert Krieps auditorium to celebrate the International Woman’s Day, an event she also hosted (see picture).  She will also represent the club at several events in 2018, as well as continuing with the Lata Gouveia Band, Sitta, and other national and international acts.

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