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Claire Parsons is a Luxembourgish jazz singer of English origin, born in Luxembourg in 1993. She was inducted in The Grund Club as a singer in September 2016, when she sang lead vocals on two songs and backing vocals on a number of other songs, teaming up with Sitta. She was fantastic and her performance of Out to drown by Sven Sauber  was immortalised in The Grund Club Songwriters 2017 CD.

She returned to the Songwriters Show in Feb 2017 where, again, she recorded the definitive Grund Club version of another song, this time Mirror Night by Lata Gouveia.

Later that same year, Claire Parsons was inducted as a songwriter too. Her induction show took place at Artikuss in Sanem (Luxembourg) and her wing-man was Kid Colling. She inducted 3 of her original songs into the Grund Club Song Catalogue and she has represented and continues to represent the Grund Club on numerous occasions.

At the early age of 5, Claire started playing the classical piano at the Luxembourg City Conservatoire. Later she studied other instruments too, such as classical and electrical guitar and classical vocals. Her interest in jazz came up in 2008 with her teachers Marc Mangen and David Laborier, a direction she continued to pursue later in the music school of Echternach.

She got her bachelors degree in 2017 in jazz vocals at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels under the supervision of the internationally renowned Belgian jazz singer David Linx and other teachers such as Diederik Wissels and Stephane Galland.

In 2017 she became the vocal jazz/pop teacher of the music school in Differdange and in 2018 she joined the vocal coaching team of the Rockhal’s ‘Rocklab Sessions’. She plays and composes in various bands such as Claire Parsons Quartet, Oh Klair Duo/Quintet, Tadpole Evolution, Aishinka, Them Lights, deLäb Orchästra. Her young career allowed her to play on multiple international and national stages and festivals. T

The Claire Parsons Quintet consists of the Luxembourgish artists Jérôme Klein on percussions and keys, Pol Belardi on bass and Niels Engel on percussions and drums and the Israelian guitarist Eran Haar Even.

Claire plays and composes in various bands such as: Claire Parsons Quartet, Lucy Echo, Rebekka Van Bockstal Octet, Aishinka, The Noisemakers and others.



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